Brackets para Micromotorreductor Metalico Blanco Largo

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Estos soportes de montaje de plástico permiten montar de forma fácil y segura los omnipresentes motores de engranajes metálicos de 10 mm × 12 mm × 26 mm.


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These plastic mounting brackets allow you to easily and securely mount the ubiquitous 10 mm × 12 mm × 26 mm metal gearhead motors first popularized by Sanyo’s 12GN series (e.g. NA1S…NA3S), such as our micro metal gearmotors. We also offer shorter versions of these brackets in black plastic and white plastic.

Four #2-56×7/16″ screws and four nuts are included.

This extended version of the bracket is designed to allow a portion of the motor to fit within the hub of a larger wheel, such as our Pololu Wheel 42×19mm. We also offer a quadrature encoder that works with this bracket and the 42×19mm wheel to provide feedback about wheel rotation direction and speed. The encoder can be purchased as an individual unit or as part of an encoder set that includes two encoders, a pair of extended brackets, and a pair of 42×19mm wheels—just pick the particular micro metal gearmotor that best suits your application and you have a solution for closed-loop motor control.

Note: This bracket also works with the 1000:1 micro metal gearmotors, but because of its longer gearbox, it does not fully enclose the exposed gears the way it does on the other micro metal gearmotors. This bracket does not work with our quadrature encoder when used with the 1000:1 micro metal gearmotor.

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